decorative railings / fence

Decorative Gates & Railings

Our experienced craftsmen are able to combine security with style through the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke decorative railings, ironwork and gates.

Ornate Designs

Security features such as ornate twists and shaped metal on top of high railings can be used to deter intruders attempting to climb them.  Decorative shaped metalwork can be discreet or as outrageous as you wish them to be in terms of design.

Stylish Metal Security Gates

Metal gates leading to paths, side entrances or large drive-through gates can be made to measure and carefully fitted for you.  Our gates and railings are made to provide home owners with many years of high security whilst making an extremely attractive feature.  Designs can be made which fit with the character of your home perfectly.

Other Security Measures For Your Building or Home

Our security equipment division can also fit beam towers or intruder detection beams into walls or around the perimeter of your home to provide additional security.  When switched on by the homeowner or on timer devices these provide alerts to the homeowner when a potential burglar or intruder enters the boundary of your garden or homes frontage – for example late at night.  Sensors are designed with safeguards so they do not disturb owners if a cat, bird or fox simply crosses onto the property.   For more information on how this works please see the videos on our home page.

Get In Touch

For more information on decorative gates and railings or any other element of protecting or securing your property please call one of the Midlands leading security professionals on 0121 377 6893, 07855 406765 or email us here.