Perimeter security is a key part of many security systems. If you want the earliest warning of an intrusion, sensors at the boundary of your property will detect any breach.

Sensors around your perimeter can raise an alarm, send an alert and trigger surveillance.

Cutting Edge Perimeter Security Technology

Detection beams can be used to sense anyone crossing your boundary.  Beams and sensors can be installed across the perimeter of driveways between openings between your front walls, posts etc.  We can also install beams and sensors along the entire perimeter of your property’s boundary.

Safe & Reliable Security

The beams of light used to detect anyone coming onto your land are not harmful to humans, pets or wildlife.  The system can be fully integrated with CCTV detection or remote monitoring as well as with burglar alarm systems.

Stand-alone Beam Towers

Alternatively ‘beam towers’ can be installed so detectors can protect the boundaries of your home, agricultural or business premises.  These towers can make use of detection technology that prevents pets or wildlife from triggering the alarm.

A higher and lower tower beam can recognise the body shape and size of a person entering the area, which helps prevent false warning messages or alarms causing unnecessary disturbances, for example late at night. This sort of perimeter security is invaluable for the early detection of people entering your property, grounds or estate.

  • Strong deterrent effect of visible security
  • Early intrusion detection
  • Rapid alert for security personnel response
  • Get taken seriously with perimeter beams & sensors