Flexible alarm systems allow you to change settings automatically at different times.  It is a great way to cover varying degrees of activity in your home or work at different times of day or night.

The Right Alarm Setting At The Right Time

You can choose to switch all sensors, shock detectors and other devices fitted in your home on when you go out.

You can have a night setting where all sensors and systems are activated downstairs but not upstairs if you are likely to move around.

Securing Vulnerable Entry Points

If you have a flat roof or vulnerable window upstairs due to the design of your property, a system can be designed with vibration sensors on that particular upstairs window which will trigger the alarm if tampered with or on impact.

Flexible alarm settings that work for you

Freedom For You To Move Without Triggering False Alarms

Settings can also be simply switched on when required using a control panel or remote fob, to alarm out-buildings or garages.  A perimeter setting can also be switched on to monitor for vibrations, movement or impact around the outside of the property, whilst the infra-red sensors are switched off inside the home for freedom of movement, for example during the day.

If you have pets at home, we can even help with alarms that don’t react to small creatures.

remote alarm activation & deactivation

Protecting The Perimeter Of Your Home

If you live in an area that sees a lot of nocturnal animal activity, we have the solution you need to protect your grounds.

Utilising sophisticated beams, set-up at specific heights around the outside of your property or garden, we can avoid false-alarms caused by the comings and goings of animals such as foxes, badgers and even cats.

Eliminating the nuisance of false-alarm triggers means you maintain robust security against intruders, but won’t be disturbed every time an animal crosses your lawn.

alarm beams set high avoid false alarms from animals

We Design Security For Your Home As If It Were Our Own

We aim to protect your home as if it were your own and so we recommend what we truly believe to be right for you in the long run.

Sensible Recommendations

We often recommend an alarm sensor on the landing even if you choose to not have the upstairs rooms alarmed, in the unlikely event that an intruder managed to get past the sensors downstairs.  Just as many people choose to have a smoke detector on their landing.

Protecting Your Valuables

We also recommend any room which is used to keep a safe or jewellery falls in the alarmed zone. Similarly, if you bring documents or paperwork home with you from work, particularly if there are any data protection implications, then we suggest these are also kept in the alarmed zone of the property.