Domestic CCTV is an increasingly popular way to improve home security.  By deterring many opportunist thieves and collecting evidence against more determined criminals, buying a home CCTV installation is a good way to take your domestic security to the next level.

Preventing Problems Before They Happen

  • New customers often buy CCTV after suffering a break-in
  • Installing CCTV now, don’t wait until you regret it
  • It is never too late to improve your security
  • Make life difficult for thieves
  • If they’re not caught burglars often come back
Domestic CCTV Installation

It is a sad fact that without increased security to prevent them from breaking in again, many thieves visit the same premises a month or two later, taking advantage of the same weak spots and taking away the replacement goods that have been purchased with insurance payouts.

When it comes to theft, lightning does strike twice.  Get in touch with us today.

Swan Security Systems CCTV Installation Service

Swan Security Systems CCTV engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience of different CCTV systems.

We’re always pleased to visit you and discuss the pros and cons of different types of CCTV equipment. Our CCTV design and installation team can use their knowledge and experience to help you avoid the kind of problems that plague many newcomers to CCTV such as poor equipment choice, siting, fitting and configuration.

Establishing how you want to be able to store and access recorded video or images, or if you simply want to install cameras for the deterrent effect, our engineers will make sure that they design and price the right system for your needs.  There’s no second-guessing with Swan Security Systems, just no-pressure advice, high-quality service and guaranteed equipment.

domestic alarm system design and installation
monitoring home cctv feeds

Trust The Professionals For Your CCTV Installation

  • Don’t rely on Googling CCTV options  unless you know what you are doing
  • Consumers often find too many CCTV options to make a confident decision
  • Grey Ebay imports may look attractive, but there’s often a reason they’re cheap
  • High-end, feature-rich products may cost a fortune for features you won’t use
  • Self-installation can be tricky and achieve poor results or void warranty
  • Trust Swan Security’s expertise to help choose & install CCTV equipment

As with any specialist service leaving the supply and installation of CCTV to expert fitters means that you can be confident that the equipment being fitted is up to the job.  Quality companies are duty-bound to design a security camera system for you which is appropriate to the degree of risk your type of property is inherently exposed to.

Beyond that, you can be sure that we have the know how and equipment to install your equipment in the best locations to watch over your premises.  You can also be confident that our engineers will fit your CCTV system properly, using quality materials and so it will be durable and practical for years to come. All the equipment that we install is defective against defect and will be replaced if a fault occurs.

We can also help you to acquaint yourself with your new equipment, while most customers are able to find their way through the manuals that come with a system, it’s always nice to have a head-start and advice from the professionals.

Attempting to self-install would be false economy for most homeowners.  Though some people don’t mind spending hours or days of working time or leisure time, sifting through online resources and shops, searching for the right type of camera and surveillance system, most people have got other things that they’d prefer to spend their time on.

Wading through instruction manuals and learning – even the basics – about how data protection and human rights legislation impact on their design and recordings can be a drain, let alone the time it takes working out the ideal design to deploy and how to properly maintain their installation etc. On top of that if you’ve tried to save money by bringing in your own grey-import electronics, or bought from Ebay, you might find yourself without a paddle if something goes wrong.

If you are new to CCTV equipment you can read up on our CCTV system design process here.