Swan Security Systems give you the confidence of fast, efficient and friendly service at your commercial premises, offices or industrial sites in the UK.

We are based in Birmingham, West Midlands so our team are ideally placed to cover your site or sites wherever you work.

All Swan Security service & maintenance contracts are tailored to suit your solution, so you won’t be charged for checks that don’t apply to your CCTV system.  We believe our service offer great value for money and will save you trouble in the long run.

CCTV Servicing

Professional Servicing & Maintenance

All of our servicing & maintenance contracts cover:

  • Ensuring CCTV system is operational

  • Checking effectiveness of ALL equipment including cameras, DVR, monitors & multiplexer

  • Cleaning and checking security cameras, lenses & camera housings

  • Ensuring camera images cover the required field of view

  • Testing the image quality

  • Testing of remote signalling equipment where appropriate

  • Confirming images are transferred to remote monitoring stations where applicable

  • Repairing minor faults & confirming additional costs in advance for larger repairs

  • Recording all test data

Servicing & Maintenance Of CCTV Equipment For Businesses Premises

  • Offices
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Industrial Sites & Manufacturing
  • Retail Parks, Malls & Shops
  • Building Sites
  • Storage Centres, Distribution & Logistics
  • Airports & Rail Stations
  • Car Parking Facilities
  • Hospitals, GP Clinics, Dental Surgeries & Pharmacies
  • Warehouses & Light Industry
  • Hotels & Leisure Industry
  • Libraries, Council Buildings & Public Sector
  • Business Parks
  • Server Centres & IT Industry

CCTV Repairs

Our team of specialist engineers are able to quickly fault find and make the necessary repairs to ensure your premises are covered by surveillance.

Assessing Your Security and Surveillance Needs

When we take over the maintenance and servicing of existing equipment we can assess the suitability of your equipment.

For example, we can work with you to ensure your DVR recording equipment provides adequate cover.  We can assess with you the duration of recorded material you need to cover any incident.  Ascertaining the delay between the incident being flagged and the additional recording time before your footage can be reviewed completes the picture. With this information in hand, we can ensure that there is no break in surveillance.

Additionally, we can arrange for a remote CCTV monitoring service to provide you with the peace of mind that only continuous surveillance and response can bring.

CCTV Maintenance Services