Steel Louvred Door

High Security Steel Louvred Doors

We can arrange for the bespoke manufacture of steel louvred doors for business and industrial premises, schoo+l boiler rooms etc.  Other electrical rooms and plant rooms which need consistent levels of ventilation can also benefit from these doors.

Providing Security With Ventilation

We understand the need for boiler rooms and hot water systems to be kept working at their optimum effectiveness on your premises whilst also maintaining an appropriate level of security.  Ur bespoke made steel louvred doors provide strength and protection to deter vandalism, break-ins and potential metal-theft from your premises.  The louvred effect allows air to continue to flow in and out of the boiler environment keeping the temperature at a sensible level and preventing overheating.

'Ring Of Steel' Security For All Buildings

These steel doors can be fitted in all types of businesses and busy working environments as well as schools etc.  We can assist water treatment companies and commercial plumbing and heating engineers in serving their clients as well as end users directly.

Additional Security Needs – All from one provider

In addition, our SSAIB security advisors can also help point out break-in risk areas and recommend additional cctv and alarm security where appropriate.  Keyholder security and remote monitoring for out of hours can also be arranged by our specialist security division.