Alarms for commercial or industrial premises

Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial and industrial sites can be protected by systems incorporating both wireless and hard wired technology.  Property boundaries, entry points such as windows, open spaces, vehicle parking areas and positions immediately adjacent to buildings can be monitored by sophisticated security systems.

Your Complete Security Provider

Swan Security offer systems which can integrate the detection of unauthorised entry to the area, cctv, alarms and monitoring stations. As a complete security provider we are also able to supply and install perimeter security fencing, gates and railings - offering a complete security solution. Alternatively you can select just one of these services.

Hybrid Alarm Systems

Hybrid alarm systems can be installed as either a hard wired or wireless solution, or can provide a degree of both.  A number of beneficial features can be installed with such a system.  Larger panels and installs are available for commercial and larger domestic sites and a number of alarms are also available that are more suitable for standard sized properties.

Domestic Or Commercial Premises Secured

Both commercial and domestic properties can benefit from alarms which have a landline attached to it.  That way a call can be put through to a monitoring centre, key holders, private security companies or home/business owners.  If an intruder cuts the landline then a line fault alert can be sent over GSM to a mobile device. 

Stopping The Most Persistant Burglars

If a burglar persists and attempts to break-in the alarm is triggered over GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).  An alarm signal is sent to a monitoring station where the police can be alerted, an audible warning can be triggered to scare away the intruder or private keyholding security companies can be despatched.  This monitoring cover can be made available 24 hours a day or simply outside of normal business hours such as late at night.

Activity Reports

It is also possible to obtain printed logs of activity – which may be desirable for commercial security requirements or facilities management providers and specialist manned security companies.

High Level Of Protection For All Areas

One of our large scale alarm panels can cope with up to 136 hard wired protected zones (number of devices or points of protection such as sensors), with up to a further 16 wireless zones.  A combination of the two or just wireless/hard-wired options are available.