danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire reduced using our quality components
Protecting  your home from burglars

House Alarms - Protecting You & Your Family From Other Dangers

House alarms can extend far beyond intruder alerts and detection.  You, your family or tenants, together with your property can be protected against several potential dangers with an integrated home safety system.

Protection against carbon monoxide poisoning

In addition to movement sensors and alarms to deter or scare off burglars, occupants can be protected from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning through effective installation of carbon monoxide detectors.  These alarms have already become a legal requirement for Northern Irish households as of October 2012.  This legislation was introduced in response to findings that half of all people surveyed incorrectly believed that standard smoke alarms would alert them to increased levels of carbon monoxide.  This shows how important these potentially-life saving alarms are considered to be in parts of the UK, and we are pleased to take enquiries from home owners in West Midlands and Staffordshire regarding installation of these alarms.  We can also fit multiple alarms in residential care homes and warden controlled sites, holiday accommodation and other business premises throughout the UK.

Flood and temperature monitoring

Either yourself or key holders can be alerted to flooding in basements and lower levels of your property whilst you are out.  Fast action can prevent costly repairs or lengthy insurance claims as well as damage to your property or treasured possessions.  Whether as a result of pipe or plumbing leaks or washing machine problems etc. flooring, carpets, decorated walls and plasterwork as well as personal property can be protected in this way.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Similarly action can be taken to prevent damage from sudden fluctuations in temperatures in your home such as taking steps to stop pipes freezing.

Protect Against Fire and Smoke

Your home protection can be further enhanced through fire and smoke detection systems, panic buttons so you can alert monitoring centres in the event of a break-in or emergency and additional cctv can be installed to give you further confidence when at home.

Panic Buttons

Additional features available include panic buttons on your key fob which can be used to trigger the alarm over a distance of up to 300 metres with a clear line of site, and are guaranteed to work within 30 – 40 metres of the protected property (even in built-up areas with signal blocked by objects such as RSJ’s, walls etc).  If you are frequently walking to isolated outbuildings or have a large land area around the property these fobs can provide added confidence and security.  In the event that you unexpectedly saw an intruder or individual acting suspiciously whilst out in your grounds you could trigger the alarm from where you are standing and create a deterrent or sound to scare them away.

Care of the Elderly or Living Alone?

Wireless wrist bands are also available which have a panic button on them.  These trigger an alarm which can be linked straight to a call centre or monitoring station.  Those living alone, elderly or individuals who regard themselves to be at all vulnerable could choose this option, so they could alert assistance if, for example, they had a fall.  We can also work with occupational health and care at home professionals to ensure those under their care are kept as safe as possible.