Domestic CCTV systems installed

Domestic CCTV Installation

Our domestic surveillance camera installers will sit with you and discuss the pros and cons of different types of cctv equipment.  We will also work out with you whether you wish to view images and how you are to store the data, or whether you want cameras in place simply to act as a deterrent.

Prevent problems before they happen

We often meet new customers who, having previously suffered a break-in or burglary, regretted not having closed circuit tv to protect their property sooner.

Professional installation vs DIY fitting

As with any specialist service leaving the supply and installation of cctv to expert  fitters means that you can be confident that the equipment being fitted is up to the job.  Quality companies are duty-bound to design a security camera system for you which is appropriate to the degree of risk your type of property is inherently exposed to.

Is self-installation false economy?

Attempting to self-install would create false economy for many home owners – as they spend work or leisure time sifting through online searching for the right type of camera and surveillance system for them, wading through instructions and manuals, gaining an understanding of how data protection and human rights legislation impacts on their design and efforts, maintaining their installation etc.

What type of equipment is right for me?

If you are new to cctv equipment you can read up on some of the most popular types of cctv equipment here.

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