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CCTV Design

We have the experience and knowledge to create a solution for virtually any commercial or domestic scenario.

Once we have consulted with you appraising your premises and requirements, we will tailor a design to your exact requirements.  A formal risk assessment can be undertaken to ensure that the specification meets your insurers requirements too.

Quality Security Equipment

We install security systems comprised of tried and tested components from the best manufacturers.
Swan Security Systems is your best choice whether you are a home owner, or are responsible for commercial premises such as a college, university, offices or council owned buildings.

Assessment Of Your Buildings Vulnerable Points

Our staff can assess areas of your premises which are likely to require more or less coverage or detail. We provide a clear schema of areas where equipment should be installed, exactly which areas will be under surveillance and which technologies we plan to utilise. By doing a proper study of your case we can maximise the potential of your security budget and surveillance coverage with the reassurance of knowing that you are properly covered.

Our staff are pleased to explain the pros and cons of the various security components and services such as:

CCTV cameras

Closed Circuit TeleVision Cameras are surveillance components which transmit their picture to a location where they are centrally monitored or recorded.  Typically this sort of equipment is installed to protect goods, valuables, information or secure areas.


Input devices used to trigger alarms or on-site cameras.  These will typically be detectors using the following technologies: infra-red, ultrasonic, microwave detectors, photo-electric beams, glass break detection, smoke or carbon dioxide detectors, vibration or inertia sensors installed in your premises.

IP cameras

Cameras which may be monitored over a local area network (LAN) or wide network (WAN or internet) using their network address.

High speed dome cameras

These security cameras are mounted inside a dome-like protective shield.  They are named after their integral motors which can rapidly pan, tilt and zoom the camera to change the area of surveillance.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

These recorders replace the older video tape recording systems.  Recording the output of several security cameras at once, a reliable DVR box is essential for keeping records of the comings and goings on your premises.


A DVR recorder is fine for recording the output of your security cameras and allowing you to review that footage in the case of a significant event.  A rapid or proactive response however requires constant monitoring of the CCTV cameras.  If an intruder has a hood up or a mask on, CCTV footage may not be particularly useful after an event, but should be flagged by someone actually watching the footage as it occurs.

Motion detection

Motion detection relies on sensors – often infra-red or laser beams - which trigger an alarm or change the recording pattern / frequency of cameras when the beam is broken or altered.

Wireless (wi-fi) CCTV

CCTV which operated over a secured wireless network instead of using wired cameras.  Wireless CCTV cameras may also be IP Cameras.

Analogue cameras

A variety of factors may result in us offering analogue CCTV cameras.  These may be particularly suitable in the case of an existing analogue CCTV system which is being repaired, overhauled or expanded.

Access Control

Equipment which allows you to control access to certain areas using cards, tokens, codes or biometrics.  The installation of these mechanisms increases confidence that any unauthorised personel are kept out without unduely restricting access to your staff.

Burglar Alarms / House Alarms

Utilising any number of sensor technologies, Swan Security Systems can install or supply alarms to deter, detect or prevent intrusion into practically any location or premises. We can install fully wired systems or wireless alarms.

Our house alarms or burglar alarms for commercial premises can be linked to your telephone system to contact the police or a central monitoring station if the alarm is triggered.  GSM units can call the monitoring centre if a landline develops a fault or is cut. Of course there are options for the type and location of alarms, sounders or speakers to compliment the sensors that fit your design.

Remote Controls & Panic Buttons

For applications where it is desirable to be able to control access to secured areas remotely or even trigger alarms, we can also integrate keyfob remote controls into your system design.


As well as supplying and installing the security equipment that your premises require, we can train you to use that equipment effectively and make sure that your system complies with the human rights and data protection acts (since it will most likely temporarily store images or footage).  We can help to explain the requirements of the data protection act as it affects you.

For more information or to request a free, no obligation consultation, please call us on 0121 377 6893 or email us through our contact form by clicking here.