Protecting Vehicles And Open Spaces February 2013

Protecting Open Areas and Car Parks

We are able to recommend a number of security solutions to protect open areas, approaches to your business premises and car parking areas for staff, plant and your clients. Private residences open spaces and driveways can be similarly protected.

Protecting Your Vehicles

Vehicle crime statistics as recent as 2011 reported the Ford Transit as the most frequently stolen vehicle.  This raises the issue of effective security for industrial, commercial and service industry businesses with fleets of vans.  It also highlights the importance of effective home security for sole traders who operate from home and rely on their van for their livelihood.

Of course with the remainder of the top 10 most frequently stolen vehicles being cars it also shows that anyone with business premises, hotel and leisure sector car parks or home owners needs to be vigilant and security conscious.

The video on this page helps explain just some of the security solutions that we can supply and install to protect vehicles, open spaces and areas surrounding your business premises or home.

Integrated Security

As well as cctv and physical barriers such as security gates and fencing, boundary protection is becoming increasingly popular.  This involves detector beams set up around the perimeter of your premises.  At times deemed suitable by the business or home owner, an audible warning message can be sounded to deter any potential intruders or car thieves (such as out of business hours, at night or when the building is unoccupied but the area is still used to store vehicles, plant or other valuables).    

Audible Deterrents & Additional Surveillance

Anyone entering the area can be warned that cctv is in operation or that they are being monitored by professional security monitoring stations.  Two different messages can be recorded and the system can be coded to alert police or key holder security, the home owner or designated personnel.  Alarms can be integrated into the system.

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