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Are remote control security fobs right for you?

Remote Control Fobs For Alarms - The Pros and Cons January 2013

Many of the alarm systems we install can have additional security features added to them - however as part of our continued commitment to ensuring our customers get the right security and technology for their premises we always have to ask - are these features really right for our clients?  If not, clearly we can't recommend them.

Such items which work for some include remote control key fobs.  They can provide convenience for home owners, their families and children - making alarm systems easy to set and deactivate for you.  They can also provide additional peace of mind as a way of activating an alarm if you have extensive grounds, isolated outbuildings to go to etc.  In the event of seeing someone suspicious you could activate the alarm in order to scare them away. 

They also add convenience as you can quickly set the alarm without having to go to the control panel when you are rushing out of the house. 

Are Remote Control Key Fobs Right For You?

However we do need to consider all eventualities for our clients.  For example, we ask you consider what would happen if a coat, handbag etc with the electronic fob in it were stolen whilst you were out which might also have id with address details in them.  If the theft were not discovered straight away there is a risk that an intruder could have acquired the details of where you live and have the means to deactivate your alarm system.

Of course integrated systems incorporating cctv etc could provide additional cover and deterrents. However we ask you to consider risks associated with remote control keyring fobs for your alarm when we discuss the right system for you - balancing convenience with any additional risks brought by this.  If remote control fobs are not for you then no problem - we can simply install an alarm system in your home which does not make use of them, with a control panel used to set and switch off the alarm, or to change the alarm settings.

Improving Key Fob Security For Alarms

As access control systems in the workplace (swipe card access systems, id card and fobs) usually have the ability to deactivate a particular persons card or fob should their employment end it is of course in theory possible to deactivate a card or fob when required. However these larger systems are usually designed for this purpose and so this is not always applicable to domestic systems.  Of course we continue to monitor developments of such technology for domestic applications (such as possible developments including being able to cancel a fobs ability to deactivate an alarm from a smart phone etc in the event of it being stolen), but even such developments would not protect against the theft of a fob and its associated risks should it not be noticed straight away.




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