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Access Control

Our security specialists are able to install swipe card, ID card and key fob systems for staff to obtain access to your business premises.   Pin code entry and voice / buzzer systems can also be supplied and installed.  Video entry systems can also be fitted to give a visual identification of anyone calling at your premises.

Access control for the workplace

Photo and staff ID Cards, Magswipe and smartcard access can all be supplied.  Replacement cards can also be provided.

Stay on the right side of workplace legislation

The access control systems and surveillance equipment we recommend are designed to be appropriate to the risk they are there to prevent (including adherence to the Human Rights Act, Data Protection and Disability Discrimination Act).

Door entry systems UK-wide

We are able to provide a UK-wide service on door entry systems.  Internal doors as well as external doors can be controlled and secured.  We are able to provide installation and maintenance of access control systems from single door entry to multiple sites.  We are also able to install systems on gated estates, residential homes and warden controlled sites.  Apartment blocks can also have appropriate door access control systems fitted and maintained.

Remote access where required

Handheld remote control access devices can also be provided where appropriate.

Control of your door entry system

Both standalone and PC based access control can be provided.  Intercoms can be installed with anti-vandal casing for additional protection.

Effective control over access to your building

Swipe cards and access cards can be rendered inoperable if a member of staff leaves your organisation.  All personnel entering and exiting the premises can be logged.  In addition to this access to various parts of the building can be logged and also restricted to authorised personnel (for example, server rooms etc.)

Who we work for

Just some of the applications we can provide installations at include:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses and Storage facilities
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Nurseries and Schools
  • Sports & Leisure Clubs
  • Car Parks
  • Data Centres
  • NHS Sites

Integrated systems

We are able to assess high risk areas for you and also recommend solutions where required which integrate cctv, burglar alarm systems, safe and secure storage of images, remote monitoring and professional key-holder services.

For a free consultation...

For more information on access control and door entry systems please call us on 0121 377 6893 or 07855 406765. You can also email us here.