Commercial CCTV Servicing Contracts

We offer a fast, efficient and friendly service to commercial, office and industrial sites across the UK.  Based in Birmingham, West Midlands our team are ideally placed to cover multiple and individual sites.

For more information please contact us on 0121 377 6893 or 07855 406765.  You can also email us on our contact form here 

Professional Servicing

We ensure a bespoke service is in place so your precise needs are met however all cctv maintenance and servicing covers:

  • Checking the effectiveness of all equipment including cameras, DVR, monitors, multiplexer
  • Cleaning and checking security cameras, lenses and camera housings
  • Ensuring camera images are covering the required field of view
  • Testing the quality of images provided
  • Testing of remote signalling equipment where appropriate
  • Confirm that images are being transferred to remote monitoring stations where this service is in place
  • Repairing minor faults and confirm any additional costs in advance on larger repairs
  • Recording all testing data
  • Ensuring CCTV system is in an operational state


CCTV Repairs

Our team of specialist engineers are able to quickly fault find and make the necessary repairs to ensure your premises are covered by surveillance.   

Assessing Your Security and Surveillance Needs

When we take over the maintenance and servicing of existing equipment we can assess the suitability of your equipment.

For example, we can work with you to ensure your DVR recording equipment provides adequate cover.  We can assess with you the duration of recorded material you are likely to need in order to cover any incident you wish to replay, the additional time it might take to be alerted to the incident and then the further recording time needed between the incident coming to your notice and being able to get to view the images.  That way there is no break in cover.  Of course, additional remote cctv monitoring services can be provided to provide continuous surveillance and response.

For more information on cctv servicing and repairs for your business premises please contact us on 0121 377 6893 or 07855 406765.  You can email us on our contact form here.