commercial roller shutters

Commercial Shutters

Our commercial shutters are ideal for a range of business and public sector buildings including offices, clinics, leisure facilities and schools.  Curtains and guides are galvanised and barrel, end plates etc. are made of mild steel. They arepowder coated in a colour of your choice. 

Stay in control

Electrical operation can be controlled in a number of ways including key switch, key pad and remote control.  High risk areas can also be covered by cctv or impact sensors supplied and installed by Swan Security Systems.

These security shutters are available in either a ‘built-in’ or ‘built on’ fashion.

Built-in roller shutters

These are built into your existing property with the shutter housing and guides fitted into the wall.  This means that when the shutter is up it is not visible at all, retaining the integrity of your buildings appearance. 

We can have the shutters made to fit your doorways, windows and other entrances perfectly in a colour of your choice.  Our experienced installers can then carry out the installation for you and ensure you are comfortable with the operation of the shutters.

Ideal for new build projects

The unobtrusive nature of built-in shutters means that they are ideal for new build developments.  This has proven to be the case through their popularity with architects and developers.    They provide anti-vandal and burglary deterrents whilst remaining neatly out of the way during business hours.

Built-on Shutters

These aluminium-based metal shutters are ideal for a number of commercial applications.  They provide strong security cover yet are surprisingly slim and compact – making them an ideal choice if you are concerned about shutters disturbing the look of your buildings’ exterior.   In fact they have also been used on the interior of windows, such is their compact nature.

Contact Us

Naturally we can have these shutters constructed to the exact dimensions you require.   For more information please contact us on 0121 377 6893 or 07855 406765.  You can also email us here.