cctv servicing

Domestic CCTV Maintenance & Servicing

Our maintenance contractors are available on call 24/7 to repair any faults that may occur in your cctv systems. Monitored systems can also be installed which alert us if any faults have occurred.

Taking over from another maintetance company

If we are taking over the maintenance of a system previously installed by someone else we will firstly conduct a visit at a convenient time, to survey your existing cctv and surveillance equipment to ensure it is functioning correctly and is able to give you the protection you require.

Remote monitoring

Connections with remote monitoring stations or key-holding companies are checked and maintained to ensure efficient and reliable performance.

Integrated security systems maintained

We are also experienced enough to inspect and service complete integrated security systems including access control and swipe card systems, burglar alarms, remote monitoring equipment as well as cctv camera and DVR equipment.

Protect high risk areas

Our engineers can also advise on what areas cameras are covering, high risk areas and whether sufficient surveillance is in place.

Keeping you well informed

As highly competent CCTV installers we are also able to advise on correct storage of images. As holding cctv images is considered to be holding of data there are data protection act implications, cctv law and guidelines on the correct use of surveillance equipment and the storage of images.

Contact Us

For more information on servicing cctv systems, security camera equipment and DVR equipment please contact us on Freephone 0121 377 6893 or 07855 406765.  You can also email us here.